Budget December 2018

Oh…the holiday month

For the longest time I have been using budgeting spreadsheets or templates, but I’m either too lazy or forget to fill them out. Budgeting apps made it easy to track my spending automatically. After few months of failed budgets, aka not being real with myself about how I use my money, a budget template was made. My budget varies every month because life changes and I try to accommodate any emergency expenses coming my way beforehand, having that baseline helps me.

After a year-long spree of paying off credit card debt, this is my first time following saving oriented budget. I found that paying off existing debt is easier than saving or putting money away.


Expected Income – $2500 paycheck + $1700 rental income = $4200

Potential Income – $??? Work bonus at the end of the year


Mortgage & Rent – $2060 Morgage for the rental property plus Rent (includes utility and internet) that I split with my BF

Auto Payment – $320

HOA – $300 rental property

Groceries – 200$

Shopping – $250 Holliday gifts for family and White elephant gifts for work

Gas & Fuel – $80

Restaurants – $50 Treat myself $$$

Insurance – $120 Rental property insurance


School – $650

Parents Loan – $160

$4200(Income) – $3380(Expenses) – $810(Savings)=$10 wiggle room

10 bucks are not much, but at least I’m not in the negative.

I’m not counting my work bonus simply because I don’t know what it is yet. When it arrives it will go towards my car loan and car insurance for the month of January. Tough month for the budget with all the gifts and holiday parties but let’s make the best of it.



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